Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Your Teenage Dream.

"First you need to know something about them. The beautiful ones. The flawless four. Everyone wanted to be them. You know 'em they went to your school too. They totally ruled. The one in the green that's Courtney she was the leader she was like Satan in heels. The blonde Marcie Fox a legend in her own little mind, known to herself as 'foxy'. Oh, the leggy one with the pig tails in Julie, doomed to be popular because of that face and because she was best friends with the one in the pink. That's Liz Purr. She was special. Everybody loved Liz not just because she was beautiful and popular, and rich and smart she was all of those things but more than anything she was sweet. Courtney ruled with terror Liz ruled with kindness, she was like the Princess Di of Reagan High and that pissed Courtney off. Liz Purr was well, she was perfect. I used to dream about what it would be like to be her, Elizabeth Purr. Its a shame about what happened to Liz. That was no way to wake up on your seventeenth birthday. "


Virgin Suicides  

Romeo and Juliet 

The end is always tragic even if you are a virgin, a total cunt or a helpless lover. Three of my favorite movie's as a teenager. Now i will be using them as reference material. 

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