Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Blues

Blondes Have More Fun by Armando Lozano

Turquoise Marilyn 1962
Andy Warhol
Amanda As Andy Warhol’s Marilyn, 2002 by David LaChapelle

Bugsbunny in Drag

" I will not cease to be myself for foolish people. For Foolish people make harsh judgements on me. You must always be yourself , no matter what price. It is the highest form of morality. " Candy Darling

Junko Mizuno


I live Chicago to create new work .5 years of paintings, collages and drawings  I will miss you Chicago see you in a month.......................................


Tzompantli Juarez

John Kirby

Daniel Teafoe

P o r n o N o v e l a 


I saw his eyes shift as he tried to fuck me.  This time there was no penetration. I could not look at his eyes it was just too much for me to deal with. He was in is early 50's  hard as a rock,well endow  and kinky as a mother fucker.He left a playboy from the 90's open with Marilyn in the cover and  a Maxim with girls in it more Photoshopped than ......? I knew that was a hit , more like this are the kind of bitches I like.  I could not  believe he had found me .
"My  perfect little girl" he said. Perhaps the title of one of my videos?
His role playing later became outrageous " I want to tie you up, pull your hair  and keep you as my sex slave in my basement. " Not only am I his "little girl" now, but his "sex slave" and cum bucket  too ? ... He was a demon in disguise and not a friendly one.
There was something strange abut that night  a red light, an empty room , a mattress in the middle of it all  and no covers or pillows. He planned all , of course SHE was out of town. The windows were covered with brown butcher paper and so were his intentions. After a NSA encounter there is always an awkward silence. Why do I do it ?  Addiction,  pleasure, validation or research purposes ?

Blondeandshifting and Me

Blondeandshifting - Hey, I'm not far. @#$%$^&*. Partying. 420. 6'2, 190, blond, blue. She is out of town. I'm home alone. 7", shaved, uncut. Cum over. 

Blondeandshifting -Your turn?
P o r n A g a i n

Blondeandshifting-When can we hook up. Wow! You're gorgeous!
Me-well i'm working at the moment. I should be done soon
Blondeandshifting-When can I see you, Valentina?
Me -got your message i will love to see that hard cock of yours
Blondeandshifting-Hi honey,
I need you to help me get it up. What's your address? I want to come over. Send me a photo of your cock. And send me a video of you masturbating. I can't wait to push my tongue up your ass.

Mixed Media Erik Peterson 

 The S&S Project and Erik Paterson are in the first stages of bringing together a multidisciplinary group show dealing with the politics of identity and gender, the occult, magick, erotic performative and private rituals and mystic esoterica. This project is in the works for early April.
The S&S Project is committed to supporting artists who work outside the conventional gallery system and endeavors to create more platforms and opportunities for artwork that is progressive, delightful, highly creative and utterly unique.

Volume 1-Issue 1 

Art-Zine/Chicago is now underway. As I mentioned earlier, the project is being created to showcase local emerging and cutting-edge fringe artists.The folio style zine will be a quarterly publication, featuring artwork created especially for it, based on a singular there. The inaugural edition will be unveiled at the Chicago Zine Fest, on March 10th at Columbia College. I am thrilled to announce that the participating artists for the first edition will be Jeremy Haas, Chris Hodge, Brandon Howe, Sofia Moreno, Erik Peterson, and Kelly Reaves. Their amazing artwork will be based on the theme of 'Spring'. More news to follow, including photo portraits of the artists at work and information about the One-Night-Only Gallery Exhibit and Art-Zine/Chicago launch party. Stay tuned! xo

 Daniel Teafoe
Art -Zine/Chicago  


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