Friday, January 20, 2012

Skin sweet with musky odour.

Joel-Peter Witkin

Hermaphrodite asleep, Louvre, Paris

"She'll come, she'll go. She'll lay belief on you
Skin sweet with musky odour
The lady from another grinning soul"

Lea T for French Vogue 

Amanda Lepore by David LaChapelle

“unless a man were to love you so much that you were more to him than his father or mother; and if all his thoughts and all his love were fixed upon you, and the priest placed his right hand in yours, and he promised to be true to you here and hereafter, then his soul would glide into your body and you would obtain a share in the future happiness of mankind. He would give a soul to you and retain his own as well; but this can never happen. Your fish's tail, which amongst us is considered so beautiful, is thought on earth to be quite ugly; they do not know any better, and they think it necessary to have two stout props, which they call legs, in order to be handsome.” 
by Hans Christian Andersen

And he says
"Do people know you are a dude?"...
"do not mean to offend you."
" YOU are a human being TOO."
"I have a girlfriend"
" I love the way you move, walk you are SEXY."

And he says how sexy I am, 
that i feel soft BUT I'M A DUDE.
He does not want to offend me, 
He wants to pound my ass as hard as he CAN.
BUT I'M A DUDE and he has a girlfriend 
In the kind of fairy tale I live in I can be anything.
Half fish half human a hybrid a powerful monster BUT NOT A DUDE.   

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  1. Different powerful monsters, probably different kind of nature and looks but we are monsters… monsters that will devour and destroy the useless and soulless human being.