Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"La Cola Mueve al Mundo" ColectivoMultipolar

Tonight I had one of the  greatest conversions with my lovely partner in crime ColectivoMultipolar. We talked  about projects, dates,one night stands, friends, not very good friends, artists we love and the ones don't even want to talk about. We talk about karma , but we did not touch that subject  very much. We  knew we did not wanted to go there. We talk about home made cookies,women with dicks and the one's that want to chop it off. Below photos of tonight's inspiration and our contribution.

Rose Hernandez opening reception of  Scented Illusions: Avon and Art photo courtesy of Erik Paterson

Still from Cafe Flesh 1982

Heather Lynn

Our contribution  ColectivoMultipolar and I in Texas.

"The Origins of the World "by Gustave Courbet
Veronika Bromova

More to come.............

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