Monday, January 16, 2012

P o r n A g a i n - P o r n N o v e l a

I remember looking at this comics as child. Historietas Perversas!

 P o r n A g a i n - P o r n No v e l a s

I'm starting to believe that no dick was meant for me. You come inside of me 3 times and try avoiding me by looking at the television. "Miss Congeniality 2"  is on and you seems to be turn on by the drag queens scene.I'm not surprise. 30 degrees out, a runny nose, a cheap motel, a bottle of sweet wine and a 11" cock. I could only wish you had kiss me all over more, more, more . We both do not seem to engage in any kind  conversation whatsoever once again it was just a fuck. I turn around to see your expression  while you fuck me and you hide your face bellow a pillow. I can only moan ,I have to say your cock was meant for me that "trophy cock" of yours. The time is 3am and I'm ready to get the fuck out. I can not deal with this bull shit anymore. 
"I have to go home."  I start dressing  while he looks at me from the corner of the bed.He is  naked, smoking a cigaret and still with a hard on perhaps he is thinking round 4?. " I will take you home" he replies with that Easter European accent. He has a look of disbelief as if I have given up ,but given up what ?.........I had  to go home even if I have to be in a  cold, cold place. Perhaps this is the last time I will see him?.... who knows I was feed for the night. 

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