Wednesday, May 18, 2011

his profile pic is his "define" torso .

So i get random friend request ,but this one was a phony one i had to share with you guys.  You are interested in my work really ?  lol olololo

Between Matt Simon and You

Sofia Moreno May 18 at 3:00pm

who are you?

Matt Simon May 18 at 3:03pm Report

tough philosophical question but basically a semi-normal, yuppie white guy living and working in chicago... friend of *&(^ (i think she'd vouch for me but you can ask to be sure! lol)... and an appreciater of cool art, especially if it's a bit transgressive...

Sofia Moreno May 18 at 3:07pm

well I keep my facebook very private I hope you understand. I love <(*) and not her friends come on who has the time to ask a friend to vouch for someone I do not know .. I have a website of my work if you are interested? Not a bitch just plain simple.

Matt Simon May 18 at 3:10pm Report

i totally understand. i confess i thought you were also pretty damn close to gorgeous... or maybe actually there (at gorgeous). so i have to confess those ulterior motives too...

Sofia Moreno May 18 at 3:12pm

lol ... thank you for the compliment ,but I'm not into guys.

Matt Simon May 18 at 3:12pm Report

what a coincidence... neither am i... lol

Sofia Moreno May 18 at 3:13pm

also i have a bit of difficulty responding to a torso.

Matt Simon May 18 at 3:16pm Report

that's a good point so despite knowing it's not going to inflame feelings of tenderness or romance in you, i'll send you a picture of me...though is there any reason why this thing won't let me attach a picture today? i'm happy to send it to an email address or IM address instead if you like...

Matt Simon May 18 at 3:18pm Report

wait, i think it's working....

Download File Attachments:
  • MattBlack (WinCE).JPG

Sofia Moreno May 18 at 3:20pm

is this a joke ? ... I feel like this is a rouchy sex ad nothing against that . I'm just confused no face, half nude body , hmmm , let me think is kind of creepy . BUT WHY I"m i still responding to your e mail because i find your approach a little phony.

Matt Simon May 18 at 3:22pm Report

well, i think i've managed to kill off any glimmer of a chance you'd wanna be friends... i guess we should just call it a day... lol sorry if i offended you in any way.

Perhaps this why I did not had pics of my self in the 1st place.

Calendar Boys in progress..........November
"NeeK2036-25 year old white male on the north not to far from you. wanna
come over so i can fuck your throat and ass?"

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