Monday, May 9, 2011

Teen years to adulthood in the States the begining.

Who really cares who Sofia is? ... Many people showed some interested at the beginning easily she introduced her self  into different worlds.  Perhaps she was looking for love, commitment, fun , sex , friendships or nothing at all. She found a couple of worlds that caught her attention , but none of them were good enough for her.

90's raver scene  jingo pants , wallet chains , wild colors and wild people and introduction to electronic  music and drugs. It was love at fist sight, patterns of colors and lights stimulated her imagination. I997  warehouse parties outside of Oklahoma city .  Exctacy , cocaine , weed , mushrooms and acid  were the drugs of choice , the clique, a group of hardcore ravers. Blond bleach air was the look at the time... wtf was I thinking. I was just going with it . The places to hang out  drug dealer homes, empty warehouses out side the city, club one , lizard lounge, Mink  and a couple of gay bars. Believe when I say my parents were not happy with that I was 16 years old. Sex was an experiment among the clique from orgies to sex with older people .... lets call them the candy suppliers.

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