Sunday, February 20, 2011

stripper for a night .

Well the week went as smooth as my Ex's ass... Meet with a few demons at a bears night and I'm not talking about football YALL . I'm talking about hairy, SEXY ASS men  WOW !.... The night is about to end when we decided to hit another bar (BTW NOT INTO paying covers) this time nothing BUT FAIRIES, but some of this bitches get on my nerves did I said the PArty SUCKED and I HAD TO PAY ?..... STILL HAViNg A BLAST WITH MY DEMON.Thursday  night ended raiding  my bike on pain killers not something I recommend I felt as if my heart was about to give up.  Friday  wake up call 2:00pm ..... a beagle cream, hot chocolate and the company of one of my friends... Hurry up eat the beagle "BITCHY critiques" about to begin a cup of coffee and and a cookie will keep me alive for a few more hrs. 3 hrs after an amazing critique we cover the basics literature, art, pop music and DEATH .. 6 pm text " who is down for more partying?" Demons unite  HELL YEAH!  Only one drink my body needs water.  The night ends with a bag of Doritos and an orange soda .  Saturday , night  fancy art show meets S&M money and art what a JOKE . ... time to finish those glasses of champagne a pole is waiting for me, women taking pics by a dance pole " look at me I'm a stripier for a night by day I'm a respected house wife " lol ... GO GO Dancers+ ALCOHOL + horny MEN = devastation .... IS time to hit the next place xoxoxoxoxoxox

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