Monday, February 21, 2011

dear art world,

Dear art world,

No expectations ,no politics , no strings attached I have notice that in order to succeed in this market "art world" one should sell his/her soul or jeopardy our vision as an artist. WELL BAD NEWS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH ME I love my bohemian life to much (no regrets ).I love to surround my self with TRUE BEAUTY AND TALENT and believe me when i say that this two elements do not come prepackage. I do not need to compete with anything or anyone. TRUE TALENT IS MEASURE by skill and knowledge I posses both . I do not endorse politicians or religious groups , BOTH OF THIS TWO GROUPS NEED US more than we need them. Do not let them fool you with their BS. Have we learned anything from history ?  ....... I'm lucky to  have the support of amazing individuals/artist/ friends/ patrons  I do not need to mention names. You guys have my true admiration.

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