Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coffee studies.

coffee study#1,2,3
mixed media
coffee,wine, ink ,collage on cooked paper

I have been in search of You all this time.
Have I been hiding from You ?
Are we playing around like two little children ?
If you are real make sure I become a muse
and when people think of me, think of sex.
I want them to be arouse 24- 7 child,young and old
Do you think you can do that?
Have I share with you my bed ?
Have you made love to me like a goddess?
Is the end really near?
I believe the world ended for many people as
You made love to me.
We moved cities and berried many. War ,Famine and Sickness later followed.
Have you come to me in the form of music and raped my soul.
Made love to my body in search of You within me?
Please tell me who You are, what you want.
“I'm god in a Diva's body”
If I'm god why I'm I still walking among mortals among the mundane?
“I'm in search of the god within the mundane, god within the Diva.”
Have you appear in my life as a form of ecstasy , joy , love or hate?
My endless questions will never end.

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