Monday, June 6, 2011

Heaven Knows

New painting and sculpture from emerging Pilsen and Bridgeport based artists. We're ladies having a bit of a chromatic crisis. Come see what we've been working on.   

featuring artist,

Amanda Joy Calobrisi
Katherine Harvath
Alyssa Herlocher
Chinatsu Ikeda
Duk Ju L. Kim
Heather Lynn
Sofia Moreno

Fuzzy Painting ,mixed media Katherine Harveth

Adam Rose

Duk Ju

Heather Lynn, Emyly Rose, Charles E. Roberts III

Andy Jane, Alyssa Harlocher

A bitchy critique.

Katherine Harvath and Alyssa Harlocher

Chinatsu Ikeda

Alyssa Harlocher

Amanda Joy
A Temple of  Two Faces

Heather Lynn

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